Hello everyone, I have decided to do some major changes regarding my future with this game. I will be taking a sabbatical from Juno: New Origins. It is hard for me to say goodbye, but it is temporary. I have had a ton of fun since I downloaded this game in January 2020, back when it was called Simple Rockets 2. I downloaded Juno: New Origins on my PC and I absolutely love it, especially when I have a large craft to build.

Anyways, back to the point. I'm 17 years old this year and I need to improve myself further. As an Introvert, I hardly have any friends/pals and I'm not really comfortable talking with people but it is a necessary skillset I need, especially in tertiary education. Hence, I feel it is time that I start to learn how to create bonds with people. Another reason is because school starts in a months time, and I need to bee well prepared such that by GPA is at a good constant.

Yes, I am a avid Formula 1 fan, watching the sport since 2016. My weekends are full because of F1 and this is not to say that "oh, he likes some dumbass sport where driver go round and round", but to say that it's what I am more interested in now compared to what I used to like. I play F1 2020 and I'm waiting for codemasters to release F1 23. I play somewhat competitively and i need to improve my skills in that game too.

Screenshots of me in F1 2020:

Update on my crafts, since the new release, my Atlas V (401) has stopped working. I tried finding the problem but could not. It wasn't as detailed as I would have liked it to be, so it doesn't impact me. The Space Shuttle is nearly complete, at about 80% done. There is some minor alternations that I have to do to the shuttle's program. However, it is a bit complicated and I require a bit more time.

If you want to contact me, feel free to do so! I have Discord (gigakubicafan#8311) and Instagram (@ur.avg.brawn.gp.enjoyer). I'm more active on Instagram though

That's it from me. If you read all of the above, you're a legend!

Arklord28, signing out!

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    1,454 t4zcomz

    As an Introvert, I hardly have any friends/pals and I'm not really comfortable talking with people
    Consequences of the industrial revolution
    Good luck and hope you cure yourself of this

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