On planet studio I always see planets with semi major axis’s bigger than 1000GM but my slider will only go to 1000GM or 17.21 years. I have tried clicking on the number but it won’t work, please someone see this.



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    @SamTheFox Ok, so I’ve downloaded the app and got the files from Juno but have zilch idea of what text to edit and how to save the code to the game. Thanks for all the support on this post, much appreciated.

    18 days ago
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    23.5k Ylias

    Why the hell are there limits in the first place?

    +2 18 days ago
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    7,491 SamTheFox

    you can also use koder (mobile text file editing app) and change it that way

    18 days ago
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    13.1k Zenithspeed

    you need to edit the system's XML file to allow for numbers bigger than 1000Gm, you can do that with basically any text editor if you're on PC

    19 days ago


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