Hey there! I hope you are having a great day!

I've been having on and off work on the volumetric clouds mod, but this has been changing recently thanks to some discoveries along the way.

The discoveries are multiple, mainly thanks to multiple Discord users that have helped me fix, create and research more regarding the complex (and beautiful) topic of computer graphics. There are multiple, notable users here including the well known Jundroo devs Pedro and Nathan, Aram, ChaoticGraviton and even blackrack, the developer of his own volumetric clouds mod for Kerbal Space Program 1.

But there has been one more discovery that will help me a lot to advance further this mod, and that is the new version of this game; JNO 1.0.9, since it is based on Unity 2021. This means that development will be done in Shader Graph visual scripting instead of traditional HLSL, exponentially increasing productivity and overall features.

Regarding the actual clouds, they are being rendered nicely alongside the curvature of a hypothetical planet.

Although the rendering method will be changed to a custom made one, instead of using kode80's solution. This will mean some more time invested onto the mod until I'm satisfied with the results in phase 1 and 2.

The results for ShaderGraph based clouds should look like this:

Extracted from Cyangamedev.

Extracted from Roman Papush.

There will be more updates in the future, hopefully with one every 14-20 days. Anyways, now I will keep working on this mod, good luck!



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    I’m surprised nobody has done this already. Nice work, can’t wait to see the first visual mod on this website.

    +1 yesterday
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    210 Touhoufan

    The 1st picture of the ShaderGraph based clouds reminds me of the “Barrier of Life & Death” stage from Touhou Project.

    11 days ago
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    Looking good. Can't wait till it's out to fly planes and launch rockets through. Now all we need is a stock game terrain scatterer.

    14 days ago
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    17.1k bmcclory

    Looks great! Can’t want for the final result rafa :)

    14 days ago
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    7,491 SamTheFox


    14 days ago
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    4,114 KitKart

    @KellyNyanbinary clouds are a visual feature more than anything else and one benefit of PC is much nicer visuals than phones. And for the mod, why couldn’t Jundroo just ask permission from Rafaele anyways?

    +2 18 days ago
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    @KitKart Jundroo seems reluctant to include any feature that won't run on phones (aside from planet studio). And also, it's a bit of a legal mess to incorporate a mod's code into a for-profit and closed-source game.

    +1 18 days ago
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    4,114 KitKart

    If this goes well enough, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be fully incorporated into the base game itself!

    +8 21 days ago


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