I need 50 points to post a mod so what better way to get those points than by asking why do we need 50 points to post a mod? It seems unnecessary to me.

Anyway, please give me points. Thanks



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    @Sairaf I agree. It's not an uncommon situation for someone to be in a situation where they can/want to make and share mods, but don't feel like sharing other content. While the reputation of a user should influence how much faith someone has in installing/running a mod, it's also not like someone with a couple of upvotes to their name is trustworthy either.

    one year ago
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    62 Sairaf

    I understand the concern but it doesn't seem to be an issue in other games I've modded.

    I don't really feel like creating random crafts and cluttering the place in the hopes of getting a few upvotes is a good alternative. Not to mention there are crafts posted over a week ago with 0 upvotes.

    +1 1.1 years ago
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    2,177 Luckwut

    to prevent new people posting mod with malicious content. If you want points you can post craft or other things to get 15 points from single upvote

    1.1 years ago


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