This account has been used for 3 years. In these years, I have made great progress in this period. But progress means that the handicrafts in the past are gradually lagging behind. So, I thought again and decided to delete all my previous works. Of course, this is a very difficult decision. But I think it is necessary.

Deleting previous works does not mean stopping or giving up. I will be back in a new posture in the near future (Probably in 2024`s summer).

This account will be used as the group account of Aerospace Tech Group AURORA (ATGA Studio)

(The studio will start activities in the summer of 2024. )

In the future, my personal works will use a lot of MODs to improve the quality of creation (also to take care of my laptop). At the same time, I also participated in the creation team of SRPE (SimpleRocktes Real Propulsion Expansion) to bring you a better space travel experience.

Previously known as CPCTY, CPSA, CPSA_CPSEDA, SpaceTechnologyCP, AstronautiChempion

Memorial list

· Active-III 345 Pursue Knowledge Mars Probe Deleted
+750 [RSS] Active-VI (24C) with GEOAST Deleted
+690 [RSS]Pursue Knowledge V with ActiveVI Heavy Deleted
+570 Active-ML N.3 -Vertex Deep Space Probe- Deleted
+495 Active VI Rocket (RSS) Deleted
+450 [Fictional] China Hainan Wengchang Satellites Launch Site v0.9 Deleted
+450 Active-III 340 —We are Ready to the Firament— Deleted
+435 Expedition-1 With ARS-114 Reconnaissance Satellite Deleted
+420 SL-3B No.1 Purpose Core Module for HSS Space Station Deleted
+405 [Fictional]Hainan Wengchang Satellites Launch Site Deleted
+405 SL-6 Rocket (Auto Flight) Deleted
+360 SL-7A Launch System Deleted
+360 SL-3A No.1 Preusse Kownlage II lunar orbiter Deleted
+345 EL-1A Launch System Deleted
+337 United Launch Alliance AtlasV 401 Rocket Deleted +7 from successor crafts
+336 Simple satellite 1.1 Deleted +21 from successor crafts
+330 EL-2 Launch System Deleted
+330 Kansai International Airport Contral Tower Deleted
+330 Active Block II AC.1 -SkywebSatellite- Deleted
+311 CPSA SL-1 Rocket Deleted +56 from successor crafts
+300 ARPC EC-120R Engine Deleted
+270 CPSEDA CR Engine Deleted
+270 SL-2 No.1 The CPSAT-1 with two CUBSAT IV Deleted
+270 SL-2 No.3 HSS Contribute Science Service Module Deleted
+270 Chipon SL-3 with “Pursue Knowledge” Deleted
+240 SL-Active Manned Rocket Deleted
+240 SCT-A Deleted
+240 The Tower want to up! Deleted
+225 CPSA SL-1B Rocket with a Reenter-able Sallites Deleted
+210 Pursue Knowledge-V Saturn Probe Deleted
+210 BroomV561 Deleted
+210 The docking port of Reifuu's HSS Space Station Deleted
+165 AUDS-3.02 Docking Port for Auroras HSSII and EST Space Station Deleted
+150 Reifuus HSS Space Station "ZHIHE" Station part Deleted
+135 Delta IV Heavy Rocket[Updata] Deleted
+120 More Color/More Colour Deleted
+105 Chipon SL-3 Deleted
+75 USDC AUDEC-2T Docking Port Deleted
+60 USDC-AUDS 2.1V Docking Port Deleted
+60 Chipon HP-1 Rocket Deleted
+60 Chipon SL-2 with “Dongshen”Crew Deleted
+60 Chipon SMSR-1 Soild Rocket Deleted
+60 Chipon SL-2 Deleted
+30 CPSA SL-1 Racket Deleted·

Thank you for your support. Goodbye

Most of the above content is machine translation,Sorry for any mistakes

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    未来,我的个人作品将使用许多MOD来提高创作质量(同时也照顾我的笔记本电脑)。同时,我还参与了SRPE(SimpleRocktes Real Propulsion Expansion)的创建团队,为您带来更好的太空旅行体验。


    Pinned 25 days ago
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    This is what I'll never get though
    What's the need to delete it? Like.. its not like its going to affect your future progress won't it?

    +1 15 days ago
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    7,491 SamTheFox

    it is okay to delete the projects, start fresh, since they helped your skills launch into space

    16 days ago
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    why delete old post

    +3 23 days ago


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