i likely won't put this into suggestions since it's multiple things in one, which the suggestion rules forbid (or at the very least don't reccommend)
everything else should be self explanatory, i'm not sure if all of these are even possible to code in, but i did try to keep them simple, so yeah, enjoy

  1. more basic shapes - cubes, spheres, and 2 cylinder types are cool, but we need some more. pyramids and cones come to my mind first, but hexagonal or octogonal "cylinders" would be cool to have, and i'm sure there are others too
  2. sample buildings - these would be simple buildings that come in a few styles per theme to allow for making cities and villages without spending 2 days doing so. they could have their own models or be constructed from the current stuff, optimized a bit, and then have that made as one model. the themes/types of buildings could be skyscrapers, modern non-skyscraper houses, village/city suburban, old-school/medieval, futuristic homes, and maybe some run-down abandoned stuff too?
  3. curved roads - self explanatory... there should be a 45° and 15° one (90° could be made with two 45° ones, and so on, but seeing as there is a 45° and 90° pipe it'd be good to have a 90° corner as well), alongside the variants for normal and wide road types
  4. runway orientation labels - basically the whole runway 27/09 things, but more customizable. in most cases if we use a runway structure in PS the numbers will be completely off, so to counter this we could have labels (with inputtable text, but idk if that's possible or not) to cover up the existing ones and replace them with our own. they would also need to have disabled collisions so that planes don't shred their landing gear during takeoff or landing
  5. trees? - just simple tree meshes, preferably fairly low poly, since i'm sure that someone would try to cover the whole planet with these, even if that's not the original purpose. maybe some basic bushes could be useable too
  6. ruler - a simple ruler to help get your scale right. at 1,1,1 scale it would be 200 metres long, tall, and wide, extending 100 metres to both the positive and negative values on the X, Y, and Z axis, and it could be rescaled to allow for multiples of 100 (e.g. setting its scale to 10 would mean that the "100" on the ruler is now 1000 metres). this would only exist within PS, in gameplay it would be hidden and have no collisions (this is similar to something i suggested before, though done in a different way)


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