Hello everyone I wanna introduce you too my latest and prolly gonna be FAV project FDR2! (Full detail raptor 2). this project has been a while in the working and is only really starting to show how its gonna turn out

What is FDR2

FDR2 is my attempt and it wont be my last at making the most realistic raptor 2 in sr2 I don't care how long it takes how many parts it is I just want it it will be fully functional have every type of raptor there is which right now is raptor sea level raptor boost and raptor vac. I just want something everyone can love and trust me when raptor 3 comes out I'm gonna be on that beast in seconds also I'm thinking about doing this for raptor 1.5 so if anyone things so please comment on it

FDR2 Progress

time to get to the good stuff! the progress!! so basically for this project I'm gonna be keeping most of the progress in these Dev updates but I may and probably will post the occasional pic in the SRC or my Server Link here : My server anyways here is
Picture #1

So yeah that's her so far not very detailed but that's bc this is like the Skelton of the engine now lets go to
pic #2 to talk what there is so far

Picture #2

so in this pic we see the fuel turbopump section and in this section a lot of the wide donut pipes are done but in the real raptor under most those donut pipes there is almost a honeycomb structure so that will be needed to be added you can see the pipe at the bottom of the fuel turbo pump that goes into a donut pipe on the main core of the engine that pipes is gonna be redone due to well its not that curved tbh most of the little pipes that are like 0.003m wide are gonna stay as is as they look like this in the real thing and making them curved would be like trying to thread a needle but your blind have no arms or legs and rather than using string your using a starship ring section its just not possible most of the things in the core also need like honeycomb structures other wise its pretty good
Picture #3

so this is basically the same as the last pic but u can see how un-curved that one pipe is and you can kind of get a better sense as to how the whole thing is looking

that's gonna be it for now till next time
next dev update coming around 30th of nov just bc wanna keep everyone up to date before i go add a bunch of pipes and don't post one for a month

for any questions join this discord serverMy server and ping me =)

EDIT: this is a craft not a mod

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