Adjustable settings for docking ports would include scale, magnet range, magnet power and possibly different styles of them.

This is a feature that would make docking 10× easier for heavy spacecraft. And would allow us to implement docking ports into smaller spacecraft.



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    not to mention, better rcs nozzles specialized for this sorta stuff

    2 months ago
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    12.2k Zenithspeed

    i actually had some ideas for new docking port styles so i thought i'd share them here
    Basic - literally just what we have right now
    Sleek - a smoothened, futuristic design, essentially it is a flat cylinder that tapers down to a smaller radius and then to the actual docking part, basically it looks like an oversized rcs nozzle
    Expander - when docking is enabled it extends via some sort of telescoping mechanism, which can prevent collisions between docked crafts due to the port not being far enough
    Slot and Connector - one-way docking port, obviously inspired by SR1

    +2 2 months ago
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    205 fadbob

    @TronicOrbital absolutely

    +1 2 months ago


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