What do you think career mode will be like?
Do you have ideas for it?
Anything else?

See it here!



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    I say this without any knowledge of what's already in store.

    Career mode should contain 3 main types of mission opportunities:

    1) Standard mission opportunities available to every player, and reappear periodically in the "available contracts" list once the player has completed them (i.e "put payload A into Orbit B for patment of C."

    2) Rarer more difficult missions that appear once a player has comoleted certain standard missions.

    3) Competition events - ranging from standard missions to complex expensive ones. A player must design and upload a craft vy a certain dead,ine. The craft will be launched from a certain location on Droo A and must achieve task B successfully when the SR2 event mod launches it and presses AG1. Cash Prizes and ranking pts are awarded based on level of success and lowest cost of craft. The ranked outcomes feed into a permanent leaderboard displayed in the SR2 site.
    Video of the competition launches may be made available so players can see what their craft actually did on the day.

    +1 5 months ago
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    1,454 t4zcomz

    Shipping container transportation missions will be fun. I hope they add a winch or tether part

    5 months ago
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    5 months ago


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