SimpleRockets Chat
The SimpleRockets Chat is the largest SR2 community on this list. We have many SR2 relevant channels for just about every need.

Complex Rockets
The server for the modding community, with many open projects to join and other users with experience to help you in your own.

SR2 French Community
Join the SR2 French Community (We only speak French) Share your creations and have discussions with other people!

SR-2 Indian Community
SR-2 Indian Community! Get in here and get a feel of what the Indian simple rockets community looks like! A server where you can talk about Simple Rockets 2, ISRO, NASA or anything you want. We have specific channels for talking about these.

Comunidad de SimplePlanes y SimpleRockets en Español
Somos la comunidad de SimplePlanes y SimpleRockets en español mas grande!, con mas de 50 miembros buena gente dispuestos a hablar contigo y ayudarte!, entra y diviertete!



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