Most celestial bodies in the stock system have clear etymology:

Juno and Droo - Jundroo (the company)
Luna - Moon in Latin
Handrew's Comet - Andrew (the developer) + Halley's Comet

Some are less clear:

Brigo - Breogán (part of the mythology of the system creator's home town)
Sergeaa - Sergal + -eaa (foxtrot suggested this name as prize for winning a contest)
Hypatchion - Hypatch (me) + Hyperion (the Saturnian moon)
Jastrus - Jastro (the planet guy) + Janus (the Saturnian moon)

But Cylero is entirely different. It's not the name of Mars in another language. It's not a reference to anything that I know of. So what is its origin? How do you think the devs came up with the name Cylero?



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    898 67milo

    Cyber + lero

    4 months ago
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    The devs had already designed what is today known as Cylero, but hadn't thought of a name for it. In the next meeting at the "Jundroo Offices" (ie - Andrew's house), Kevin showed up with his celeries and Andrew got a brilliant idea.

    2.5 years ago
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    26.5k Zenithspeed

    i also found some other potential name origins you could add:

    • Nebra (analogue for Io): possibly Nebra sky disc
    • Orcus (analogue for Triton): there is actually a celestial body named (90482) Orcus IRL
    • Niobe (analogue for Phobos): there's also an asteroid IRL (71 Niobe) as well as a surface feature on Venus, Niobe Planitia
    2.6 years ago
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    26.5k Zenithspeed

    a google search doesn't prove anything either, since just entering "cylero" gives the planet in-game

    2.6 years ago
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    3,825 TRAPPIST1

    Luna sounds same as Луна (Russian)

    2.6 years ago
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    battlestar galatica?

    2.6 years ago
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    i adore theorizing!

    maybe since cylero is very cold, like mars, “cy” could be part of “cryo” which is a very cold chamber to incapsulate humans on very long journeys. and there is a software engineering thingy called “lero” which might also contribute. but i think @OmniExplorationDivision has the best hypothesis in my opinion.
    the fact that lero is a software engineering thing could be linked to the opportunity rover and spirit rover and all the other martian rovers because they needed to have artificial intelligence to land safely, which requires high quality software.
    but then again maybe i’m too smart discovering all these coincidences

    +2 2.6 years ago
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    Best I can come up with is a mix of both,

    Cypher- disguised way of writing code
    Jared Leto- for some reason

    2.6 years ago


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