A "twist" feature would be great for part shaping. This simple move would save a lot of parts making a complex transition from a round to square, or in a few other situations that would be used for blending surfaces. I can use 3 parts to make an illusion, but one part with a 20% twist between the top and bottom would do much better for part count. Especially doing it a few times, it adds fast.



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    37 parts (64 mirrored) to go from mostly round to hexagon to square in a half meter 🙊 that's too many. So far I've got 281 parts instead of about 120 🙈 parts count limit for this one just went out the window 🙉

    It look guud doh 😊

    one month ago
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    You know, that could also be very helpful with wings, propellers, and some other stuff too. Imagine if you could place a wing, then "twist" it down the length to give you a varied angle of attack like most real wings. Or propellers/rotor blades that twist. Definitely something I've been wanting in this game!

    +1 one month ago
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    For sure. I'm working on something now where I have to use about 6 flat panels angled different to go from round to hexagon to square in a half meter 🙈 in the end it'll be about 30 parts instead of 4. Not to mention it's making the build a nightmare 😳@Starborn

    +1 one month ago


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