I was just doing a normal docking mission as usual, after I undocked the tank fuel with my Mage engine and my nosecone from my actual part of my Space Station I needed to dock with the other part, turned on RCS, my craft had seemed to start shaking, it drained out my monopropellant fuel... am I doing something wrong?



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    1,183 FriendlyFin

    hello new guy!

    i’ve experienced this problem before any time i make a warp drive.

    it’s probably that your RCS thrusters are just too powerful, and/or the mass of your craft is like 10% the mass it should be. maybe try decreasing the RCS power or change the mass of the craft

    +1 one month ago
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    @Dereric I tried reducing, it seemed like nothing happened. I unfortunately don't have any knowledge of the Autopilot's PID settings...

    one month ago
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    I never had Gyroscopes installed.
    The Station part would shake uncontrollably, both no near docking ports and near docking ports.
    I'm still rather new to this game and community, I'll try to figure out how to upload my craft.

    +1 one month ago
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    40 Dereric

    Have you try to reduce your autopilot PID settings? If it is 10, 0, 25 and it shakes really heavy, try 1, 0, 0.2 or so.

    +1 one month ago

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