Ah, yes, it's that time of the year

So after months of troubleshooting I'm finally getting close to the end of the FNTM project

Saon F-37 FNTM/Phantom

Some lore xd

Our partnership with Sage int. has brought a marvelous plane to the world of multipurpose military/civilian aircraft. Sage int. has delivered us the finest materials, and through its partnership with KellAerospace we have gained the best systems. We hope to deliver 20 FNTM-1A's, 15 FNTM-3D's and 5 FNTM-3AP's to KellAerospace by the end of the year.

The FNTM 1, 2 and 3 Attack versions

The 1,2,3 series of the FNTM Attack version brings you the highest strike force to precisely suppress your enemy without unwanted or unnecessary deaths.

1A: A very versatile but simpler A-FNTM. Expected to cost around 50m$
2A: A plane with the right mix of versatility and complexity. More suitable for pilots with decent
FNTM flight experience
E. Cost: 60m$
3A: Complex version of the FNTM. Versatile but suited for the aces.
E. Cost: 70m$

FNTM 1,2,3 Defend series

Purely made for defense. A very large frontal radar aids in early detection and interception. Armed only with missiles and guns/SGKN-758 Directed lasers, it is suited to defend against almost anything.

1D: Simple and armed with basic weapons
E. Cost: 30m$
2D: More complex and armed with adequate weapons
E. Cost: 35m$
3D: Complex, but can handle any weapon
E. Cost: 45m$

FNTM 1AP, 2AP and 3AP

The All-Purpose version is truly magnificent. At a cost though, tbh.
It can handle anything and is limited to the 3 serie, although easily manageable by pilots of all skill levels.

3AP: a very flexible plane able to carry all types and sizes of weapons, while being quite easy to learn. (Its also the successor of the original FNTM 3SO, the one im gonna post)
E. Price: 70m$

All crafts are made tax free by the law of foreign transport of CSV-B


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