I want an MFD to display the child planets of whichever planet you are on / in SOI. I don’t really understand how lists work in vizzy. I’m ok at programming vizzy and programming other simple MFDs, but I can’t figure this one out. When I try the MFD displays “List with # item(s)” For example while on Droo I get “List with 3 item(s). Any help is much appreciated, thanks.


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    6,715 Hannah1212

    Sadly display(list) doesn’t actually display all the items in the list, you need to use item(n) in (list) for each item in the list. You can use a repeat loop to repeat for each item in the list and add them to the display. It will probably be confusing if I attempt to type it out but lmk if you want an example I can screenshot it.

    5 months ago

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