Hi Everyone,

Before anything else I want to thank the loyal lore readers who have been commenting and upvoting each chapter, it's really incredible to know that people are engaging and enjoying the story. It makes all the work worth it!

Having said that, I'm really sorry but this week I can't release a chapter of the ESS lore, this is due to having a big uni coursework assignment due in tomorrow which has taken up all my time over the last week. I don't want to rush making Chapter 6 so instead I wanted to make something a bit different - a quick discussion of how some parts of the story so far connect to the actual ESS planetary system.

First up: the Cylero One base. This can be found in ESS at the edge of the south pole. In Eternal Winter, this is the scene for Lethe's introduction to Xanadu in Chapter 2 and the site of the battle between Hodiyah, Mitra and the dagger-carrying stranger in Chapter 3.

Next: The crash site of the Droo Alliance Craft, Urados Dusk. As explained in Chapter 4 of Eternal Winter, this was the last ship before the New Frontiers to explore the outer Jun system, and it impacted Arcos with the loss of all hands under unexplained circumstances.

Third: The huge crater which fascinates Dr Ogmaz in Chapter 5 and results in a dangerous situation by the end of the chapter. Even visible in map view, the enormous crater can be explored from orbit or on the ground. But beware of the cryolava and other hazards, as Kalfr has already discovered!

And finally: Sharmall, the city in which the story began, described in Chapter 1.

If you haven't yet started following the story its not too late! Check out the Links Tree which has a link to each chapter as it is released!



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    3,494 vghfr

    world's greatest oxymoron: cyrolava

    2.0 years ago
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    So does he make a book?

    3.0 years ago
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    2,407 Tarian

    I love how the story starts with something not geocentric. Good luck with your uni stuff. You are a huge inspiration to be with your planet building even I only really do structures. :-)

    +1 3.0 years ago
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    13.7k Vedhaspace

    Stuff here

    +1 3.0 years ago
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    Good luck on your uni stuff!

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    25.1k HyperPatch


    3.0 years ago


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