I first had this problem on my iMac when the .701 beta was released. Now .703 is doing the same thing. Launching SR2 through Steam seems normal and progresses the same way as it always has. Once it gets to the point of going full screen is where the problem starts. Normally, when it goes full screen, the screen goes black with "Loading..." appearing at the bottom right of the screen. a few seconds later the main SR2 screen appears. After upgrading to .701 (and now .703) the screen goes black but goes no further. "Loading..." does not appear and the screen remains black until I stop it using the Steam app.
I can downgrade back to .616.1 and everything works as it did before attempting the upgrade.
I sometimes play SR2 on my MacBook Pro, and the .703 beta runs fine on it.
I'm not sure the best way to get this info to the devs for help besides posting it here.
Any help is most appreciated!



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    12.8k FalconAero

    Well my computer take much more time to start the game when I update. But just the first startup. Later it becomes normal.

    1.2 years ago
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    @kittman yea i think with .703 its a beta bug, ill go send this to the devs

    1.3 years ago
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    3,723 kittman

    steam loads and works fine. I'm able to successfully launch other games via steam. I also confirmed my computer will run Unity 2020. I realize it could be a bug, but since it wasn't fixed in .703 who knows. thats why I want the devs to see. also on both computers I run SR2 on, Droo has turned into a white ball that looks like a white dwarf. It looks like this on both .161 and .701/.703, both in the main menu screen and in-game.
    also, on the computer that is running the .703 beta Droo has become a water world, with the DSC sitting on a small island covered with dirt and just big enough to contain just the DSC. no other land in sight. I'll keep trying things and hope for the best. But I really would like to see Droo normal again instead of a white dwarf. Never even touched Planet Studio so I know I didn't screw it up.

    1.3 years ago
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    your device may not be able to run either steam of the SR2 beta, or its a beta bug for your device

    1.3 years ago

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