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Hi Everyone,

ESS 4.0 - Next Generation is due to release tomorrow evening GMT (around 28h from the time of this post). As is the tradition for ESS major patch releases, I've put together the pre-release changelog:


Changes to celestial bodies:

  • Droo: New "Lighthouse" and "ESS" structures. Bases renamed for lore.

  • Luna: New "Aerial" and "Cavern Entrance" structures. Base renamed for lore.

  • Handrew's Comet: Added cometary coma & new shaders.

  • T.T: New "Complex Alpha" structure.

  • Cylero: New "Cylero One" structure.

  • Exoo: Updated and refined terrain, new "Exoo Aggregates" structure.

  • Ilithos: Updated and refined terrain.

  • Tydos: Stock replaced with ESS version.

  • Arcos: Moon of Tydos from ESS, new "Crash Site" structure.

  • Urados: Stock replaced with ESS version.

  • Jastrus: Added "<3" structure.

  • Pollux: New planet with "Castle", "Shrine", "Monument", "Circle", "Sharmall" and "Tower" structures.

  • Phoebe: Moon of Pollux (adapted from ESS Miros) with "Crater Debris" structure.

General Changes:

  • New skybox. (by ParallelMayhem)

As mentioned in the previous mini blog, there are quite a few things in this patch which are lined up for further work as soon as possible. These include: Droo reworks, more complex structures, and a third moon for the Phoebe system.

I look forward to seeing you in ESS 4.0 - Next Generation!!!

Moon Doge out <3



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