Do want to do this?

or this

or maybe even this,

and you don’t know how? Well then your in the right place.

I’ll start off with special text. Like this or this

To do this
you have to put ` (backtick) on either end of the text you want to make green.
You can also use 3 backtciks on the line above and line below to make a huge block of text green.
See how green this is?
I love green things.
How about you?

Italics and bold.
To make italics you have to put an * (asterisk) on either side of the text you want to be in italics. *Like this*
To make bold text it’s 2 asterisks on either side.
**Like this**
You can even make it italic and bold using 3 asterisks on either side.
***Like this***

To do this

you have to put a # at the beginning of a new line. If you put one # it will be the largest text possible. 2 #’s will result in the same bold text but smaller. 3-5 will make it smaller as the number gets larger. When you have 3 or 5 #’s all the letters in the text will be capitalized. You can also put an = on a new line under the line you want to affect.
Note- You can make the text italic.

one #

Example 1

two #’s

Example 2

three #’s

Example 3

four #’s

Example 4

five #’s

Example 5

1 = underneath


If you want to know how I did that, ^^^
you just used three under scores on a new line.

Now let’s take a look at links. Links allow you to give a person a quick way to navigate to a site that. To do this you must put your link text in [] and your URL in (). No spaces in between the [] and (), otherwise, it won’t work. Here is an example-[CLik thIs LinK](
CLik thIs LinK

You can also use asterisks in your link text to make it italic, bold or a combination of both. Another useful thing with links is you don’t have to have a URL. You could just use the link feature to make your text blue. Here is an example-
[*Shiny* **blue** ***text***]()
Shiny blue text

You can also make clickable picture links.<<<click this
I already covered this so I don’t feel like doing it again.

So you want fancy pictures in your forum post huh? Well now I’ll show you how. Here it is ![](picture URL). The best way to get your own pictures on your forums is to use the Imgur app. Simply create an account and upload your photos (I make my pictures private you don’t have to). To add the pictures you uploaded to Imigur to your forum, copy the link and put it in the brackets as I showed you above.
Note-Gifs work the same as pictures

Now we’re getting into the wierd stuff. You’re going to need to hold onto your pants from now on, because it’s going to be a wild ride! cringe/faceplam

what is this blue thing?

How did I do that? Well I’ll tell ya!
Like this >what is this blue thing?
You can even do multiple!




Lets say you want to make an outline (like the ones you have to do for school). All you have to do is put a - (hyphen) and space at the beginning of the line before your text. To make sub points you have to put 1. 2. 3.,
as many as you want, on a new line, but make sure you have the number, period and then a space.
Like this

- Example
1. 1st Sub-example
2. 2nd Sub-example
- Example 2
1. 1st sub-example 2
2. 2nd sub-example 2
3. Why am I still doing this?

  • Example

    1. 1st Sub-example

    2. 2nd Sub-example

  • Example 2

    1. 1st sub-example 2

    2. 2nd sub-example 2

    3. Why am I still doing this?

There! I think that’s about it. If you can think of anything else that you would like me to add to this, let me know in the comments. If your asking why I did this, the answer is...

I’m just really bored.



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