before the rant begins, shout out to JoshMan to hinting to humans theres a FAQ

that's really what this is about

yep, you heard it

we have a FAQ and not many people know it.

Not only that, but most of the questions asked have already been answered on several teasy boys, by humans who know these answers and the devs themselves. Now, what does repeatedly asking the same questions do? It keeps the devs busy.

but wait

aren't they trying to make a whole new game?

so as you would imagine, thousands (ok maybe hundreds idk) of 10 year olds asking if the game will have long aerodynamic boys takes a few minutes a day to answer, how much could have been used on actually making the game?

so basically,

yes, there's a FAQ

and people should use it

and people should ask questions

but please check if its already been asked before

it might take a minute
but it's worth it, you'll get a

space game

humans can talk amongst themselves in the comments if need be



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    couldn't agree more

    3.3 years ago
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    Is that a Decapod I see?

    3.3 years ago
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    3,364 tsampoy

    Trains in SR2??

    +3 3.4 years ago
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    588 Awsomur

    I guess that gif is of your great-grandpa Firebox.

    3.4 years ago
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    472 JoshMan

    Yes fully agree, and thanks for the mention. I noticed an uptick of "kidos" filling the form, and I heard the cries of a thousand invested long-time users. I hope this post gets through to them. Here the new Offical Unoffical FAQ to answer all those questions w/o a specific blog post

    +1 3.4 years ago
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    Mod bmcclory


    3.4 years ago


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