Goodbye guys, I'm leaving the SR2 community. The game bored me, and I stopped giving me as much pleasure as before. The same - SY-P, SY-1, SY-2, SY-4x, SY-5, SY-3, SY-4, SY-5x, SY-6, SY-7 ... A year ago there were brothers - satellites Low orbit and medium orbit satellites ("Satellite ships", LOSC and MOSC), then came the time of pixel art, then came the time of StarYears.
Don't worry, maybe I'll come back and Jundru will have a better chance of adding graphics like Satisfactory.
StarYears will also continue to live, in a Word file with the name "Chronicles of one ship.docx", but, however, in Russian.
Thank you for 2 thousand points.
Thank you for a happy 1.5 years of life.

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