When a fighter plane wants to destroy other aircraft while flying, this missile can be used for infrared source detection. After the missile is launched, its flight trajectory can change according to the flight trajectory of the locked aircraft until it collides with the locked aircraft and explodes or runs out of fuel. The speed requirement is higher than that of the mounted fighter. The missile uses its tail to rotate to control the direction. The solid rocket engine is used as the propeller. The range is divided into three categories: short-range, medium-range and long-range. The range of short-range missiles is approximately The range of medium-range missiles is between 15 kilometers and 45 kilometers, and the range of long-range missiles is more than 45 kilometers until the fuel is exhausted. The fuel quantity is configured according to the size of the missile and cannot be changed. The lock distance is the same as the firing range. Have a good time.

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