vehicles are slowed down WAY to much when they enter the water. it is impossible to make anny kind of moving seaplane, ship, or boat

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    I think this bug has been fixed in 0.9.918(maybe earlier).
    With a long Nose Cone and some powerful engines, such as large solid boosters, you can get to SUPERSONIC speed in water easily.
    With 1024 engines piled up in a craft and a 50m long Nose Cone in the front of it, I 've got to 5344m/s underwater——faster than the escape velocity of Droo——without using any cheating methods such as Tinker Panel and xml changing.
    There's a video:

    6 months ago
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    But something that is very dense can move very fast for serveal seconds in the water. I made an object with over 1t/cm3 density and it dropped in the sea at 2907m/s, then it punched the sea bottom at 3011m depth and 2844m/s.

    1.7 years ago
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    3,242 Chancey21

    I know, I mean it’s way too exaggerated. A seaplane that is super fast in the Air barely moves in the water @DPSAircraftManufacturer

    +2 3.6 years ago
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    3,242 Chancey21

    Is it possible to make ships now?

    +1 3.9 years ago


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