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There are a few issues with the atmosphere and time warp system in SimpleRockets 2. In both the stock system and RSS. In SR2, atmosphere height and time warp limits are all automatically calculated via an algorithm rather than being user defined.

1. Droo’s atmosphere is higher than 60km.

Droo’s atmosphere ends at near 80 km (when the temperature readout in flight data changes to NA) while time warp is allowed at just 60km, where crafts are experiencing a significant amount of drag (the drag is enough to deorbit a craft in less than an orbit).

2. Cylero’s atmosphere ends at near 60km

Cylero’s atmosphere ends at near 60km, but time warp is only allowed at 80km. Also, Cylero entry at 1700m/s could easily over heat parts when crafts just hit the top of the atmosphere, while experiencing nearly no drag at all. (I had to perform 10 aerobrake passes once)

3. Earth’s atmosphere ends at 80km

In AnotherFireFox’s RSS mod, the RSS team plugged in the properties of the Earth atmosphere. The game used that data and calculated the height of the atmosphere to be around 80km, and allows time warp at 60km, within the atmosphere. In reality doubling that would be more realistic.

Suggested fix:
Add a “atmosphere height multiplier” that will stretch the atmosphere’s height.
Add a “forced atmosphere end” that cuts off the atmosphere at a specified altitude.
Prohibit the use of time warping within the atmosphere (when there is a temperature readout).

I hadn’t tested Urados and Tydos yet, but I suspect that they have the same issues.

Bug Done Fixed in


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    10.1k JastroOne1

    I agree with everything in this post, Cyclero's atmosphere gives insane heating and almost 0 drag -- I feel like heating is mapped to the same altitudes as Droo. Also, several times I've also done gravity assists within Droo's atmosphere with zero drag by using the time warp.

    +1 2.5 years ago
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    I guess we don't need atmosphere height multiplier or forced atmosphere end: We have a descent atmosphere simulation formula so what we have to do is developing it, not going back to inferior method. Prohibiting time warp is a must tho.

    +1 2.5 years ago
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    This may be related with one of my first bugs, the one with the BFR

    +2 2.5 years ago
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    2.5 years ago


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