this happened when I saved the launch location on a low aircraft

It has also happened to other people

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    @NathanMikeska I guess this is the same bug than the wrong AGL one. A guy said he found a place in ESS 2.0 Droo with a 300m mismatch between real AGL and displayed AGL

    1.2 years ago
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    1.7 years ago
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    @Kell Definitely not with the 0.7.0 version, but possibly in some future 0.7.x version.

    +2 1.8 years ago
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    @AndrewGarrison Does Jundroo plan on fixing this bug in 0.7?

    1.8 years ago
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    8,259 JastroOne1

    Ive observed that this custom spawn bug has 2 aspects:

    1). Large Craft -- the craft explodes on spawn.
    2). Small Craft -- the craft is thrown into the air and overturns.

    With some craft the bug doesn't seem to happen at all, ive found this is normally on crafts of moderate mass, i.e. 20-50 ton.

    Even creating the custom spawn with a single command pod and waiting for it to completely stop moving before hitting F6 still results in the bug.

    +3 1.8 years ago
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    @AndrewGarrison a possible fix is it to spawn a “ghost craft” of the same craft and orientation, then check its collision with the ground. If it does collide with the ground, move the ghost craft up a little and recheck collision. Repeat until the ghost craft no longer collided with the ground, then finally spawn in the real craft at the final location of the ghost craft.

    +2 1.8 years ago


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