Currently when you place a command chip on the side of the fuselage, you have to adjust all the maneuvers on the navsphere relative to the command chip rotation instead of relative to your craft. Which basically means having to rotate every desired maneuver angle by 90 degrees and being unable to use target locks.

The current behaviour may also be a source of very cryptic failures which may waste a lot of time on figuring out why the rocket turns horizontal after taking off.

Please, add an option to change what the command chip/pod considers to be top side of the craft, even if it's different direction than that of the command chip/pod top side.

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    30 Fifcie

    @AndrewGarrison Ah, I know (that's what I had been doing so far), but the idea is to rotate only what the command module considers to be the top of the craft, not physically rotating it. Having to physically rotate it doesn't go well with some designs (especially if it's attached to side of the fuselage), so the option to do "virtual" rotation would be useful in such cases.

    +1 5.6 years ago
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    One way to accomplish this is to rotate the command pod/chip in the designer so it's the direction you want. You can toggle its rotation mode to Self (instead of connected) so you won't rotate the rest of the craft.

    5.6 years ago


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