To delete a line in Vizzy (without deleting all the following lines), we have to drag the block, separate it from the following lines, than drag in the corner.

It can lead to confusion like "where did I took it at first?" when the blocks are in nested conditions/loops.

i suggest adding a button near the already existing and useful "copy" and "copy this and the following blocks" buttons.

example, like this

Maybe there is already a shortcut with the mouse+keyboard ? If so, please tell me ^_^

Edit :
- I was told the "delete" key works with an Ipad keyboard.
- I'm using windows 10 and a AZERTY keyboard layout, if the info is of any use.
- I double checked the controls in the menu
- "Delete" key works in the craft editor (remove part and child parts), but, for me at least, not on Vizzy. ( also the idea is not to delete the line and the following lines, only the selected one )
thanks :)

Suggestion Submitted


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    i group-drag the line below up over the target line,which is then the last linein the block, but your idea is better.

    2.8 years ago
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    40.8k Gozinya

    I completely agree with this suggestion. One workaround that has helped me is to create a line at the end of my working code that serves as the 'delete below this line'. Then any time I want to delete just a single line, I move the line below it up, which moves the line I want to delete to the very end of the code. Then when I want to test the code I just drag everything after the 'delete line' into the trash. It's a cruddy workaround, so I wholeheartedly agree that a quick delete button would be so helpful.

    +1 2.9 years ago


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