When using nodes, I tend to use auto-burn because it is good enough for my needs most of the time. In this build, while trying to rendevouz with my station, I noticed that auto burn was over compensating the burn by about 1.5x, through the encounters way off. I switched to manual burning to just get the encounter, and realised that the locked 'heading' of the burn was moving around, in most cases flipping 180 degrees in the opposite direction. The solution I got to for properly rendevouzing with my station was to lock the heading, deleting the node and pressing enter to lock the heading, and just eyeballing the closest approaching indicator.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Get to orbit
2) create node
3) enable auto burn
(Manual burn)
1) Get to orbit
2) create node
3) lock heading and burn (observe the heading and dV indicators)

Bug Planned Found in 0.9.400.0
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