Performance Analyser & Staging doesnt update Dv and engine stats unless the Altitude slider is moved.

Bug Planned Found in 0.9.300.2
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    3.0 years ago
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    Okay, thank you for the additional info. I'm able to repro now.
    Note to self:

    1. Note Titan Engine dV is 2,011m/s in Staging Editor
    2. Select Titan Engine and change its Chamber Pressure to 12.50MPa
    3. Select Staging again and note that dV is still 2,011m/s
    4. Nudge altitude slider off Vacuum and back to Vacuum and note that dV changes to 2,034m/s
    +4 3.0 years ago
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    10.7k JastroOne1

    @AndrewGarrison Thats odd, the bug is always present for me since I switched to experimental. Pretty much anything causes the bug, changing power cycle, engine size/throat size/fuel type/nozzle type/size.

    The engine analysis stuff updates as I adjust the sliders, but the staging in the stage tab and the stats in the lower half of the performance analyser remain frozen. If I add a new engine, it appears in staging but doesn't have a DV or TWR/Burntime value until I've nudged the altitude slider.

    3.0 years ago
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    I'm not able to reproduce this. What changes are you making where it should be updating the dV?

    3.0 years ago


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