*For clarity, I will refer to the SR2 website accounts as, simply, “Accounts”, and world saves will be referred to as “Companies” (when you create a world, you give it a company name, eg, Elysia Aerospace Inc.).

The world saves in a player’s game files could be linked to his SR2 website account, and the company names displayed in the account profiles. The account's companies would also display the funds they currently have, blueprints to the rockets they are selling, achievements, such as which planets they have
visited and when, the company establishment date, contracts they have completed etc.

Blueprint Sales and Money
Companies would be able to sell blueprints of crafts they produce, on the website (same method of uploading a craft, except it would prompt you to add a price), and for every blueprint the company sells, they get, say, 80% of the price (not 100%, to pay for 'ghost' costs), which gets added into their career mode world's company- accounts would be able to link up to 3 of their companies (all other career-mode worlds would have this "multiplayer" feature disabled).

Companies would be able to perform actions such as contracting another company to build a vehicle, and then paying them. This would simulate competition. The incentive for companies to take on contracts and complete them would be intrinsic; they get a better reputation- there could be a rating system for the contractor and contractee (disincentivises scamming), and maybe something like the company with the highest reputation at the end of a week get one of their blueprints pinned on the website (although I can see this system being abused, but these are all just example to push better ideas).

Note: By blueprints, I mean the save file of the craft, so, when buying, you have to pay for the save file of the craft, and every time you want to build/launch the rocket, you must pay for the rocket cost (the price in the designer). Blueprints would remain free for sandbox worlds; on craft webpages, there could be a drop down list to choose which company/world to buy it for (options for the [up to] 3 multiplayer-career mode worlds + one option for sandbox/normal career mode, which would have no download restrictions- sandbox and normal career mode would share a craft save folder). Buying and selling blueprints/contracts would only be done in-game- the same method as when you press “Download Craft”- but browsing could be done on the website.


  • Blueprint Price Multiplier: Some people won’t like having to buy rocket blueprints, so there could be a multiplier option when creating a career mode world that can change the multiplier price of the blueprints, eg, 0x would make blueprints free, and 10x would make blueprints 10x what they are sold for. You would be able to increase this multiplier after you’ve started the world, but not decrease it.

  • Profits: A company would only receive money for its sales if the multiplier of client company is =>1. If the multiplier is 10, the company only receives 1x the sale price (minus ghost costs). This is to prevent them from creating bot-companies with 0 multiplier and repeatedly purchasing their blueprints to give them money.

  • If money is ‘hackable’ (via modding or xml editing etc), instead of accounts showing the total money a company has, it could show much it has earned from blueprint sales (that way players won’t be incentivised to hack money to brag about it on the website).

  • Anti-cheat: To prevent players from purchasing blueprints, saving them under a different name, and then uploading them to their accounts to sell them at a cheaper price, there should be measures to prevent (either that, or simply don’t display the total money a company has).

World saves would have to be separate into 2: The actual game, how it currently is, with the total money, rockets build, progress etc, + blueprints (and sales of blueprints), both of which would be editable without requiring the other (eg, being able to download the save file of a blueprint save information without having to download the world save file, and vice versa).
The website would retrieve world information as well as blueprint sales information, and the game should be able to retrieve blueprint information from the connected account whenever it wants, so players who are playing offline can download blueprint sales information and recieve the money whenever they connect to the interweb. When they recieve the money, the game should send that information to the website account to let it know, so the money isn’t received more than once.

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