I have no idea if the devs are gonna ignore this or not... its pretty much cosmetic

Every time my phone batteries die (long story...) i reload the game, it takes me directly back to flight, and the skybox doesnt fade in the day anymore, exept when i leave flight, then it corrects itself
Reproduce: (idk if theres another way than let the batteries die, it prob includes restarting)
Just completely restart the mobile device while in flight, dont even exit out anything
And then relaunch the game

Bug CannotDuplicate Found in 0.9.704.0
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    11.0k Chtite451SR2

    @pedro16797 ok

    one year ago
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    Dev Pedro

    As you commented it is pretty much cosmetic, the log errors show nothing and it seems like this is a very device-dependant error, especially when it just reverts when relaunching

    +1 one year ago

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