In this bug report you should see a transfer orbit from Droo to Cylero. However, part of it is broken:

  1. Load the sandbox
  2. Go into the map view and zoom out
  3. Note the lack of an encounter marker. There should be two green icons and an enlarged line showing your trajectory through the target's sphere of influence where the encounter is, as seen in this screenshot of a transfer node to Luna:
    but there is in-fact nothing. The only way to know you have the Cylero encounter is by looking at the exit trajectory, or zooming into Cylero itself. The encounter shows as normal when you leave Droo's sphere of influence.

Dev Notes:
It appears map view doesn't currently support showing an encounter with a planet that is sibling to the player's current parent.

Bug Implemented Found in 0.9.920.2 Fixed in 1.0.907.0
Sandbox View


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