It would be cool to have an adjustment slider for maximum altitude deployment in the designer for parachute settings.

Suggestion Planned


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    @AndrewGarrison yes

    18 days ago
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    it would be more realistic if its for speed limit rather than altitude.

    one month ago
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    221 SiriusK

    Parachutes should also Half deploy first, current parachutes are quite overpowered.

    +6 one year ago
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    45 Sceptre

    @AndrewGarrison yes, it would prevent the chutes from opening earlier then intended like an accidental deployment in space and the user would be able to fine tune them for other planets. Another use would be to couple the chute deployment with ejecting say boosters so they would land safely to be recovered later (cost recovery of parts).

    1.4 years ago
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    Is the intended purpose of this so that you could activate a parachute while descending and it would not actually deploy until you reached the set altitude?

    +1 1.4 years ago


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