Currently the hinge and rotator in SR2 could be kinda buggy when you attach a BIG force or Hi-speed rotation on them. For example, when you design the rotor wing of a LARGE helicopter, or a collapsible wing of a Shipboard aircraft, when they start to operate, the hinge or rotator on them could be very wobbly and make the whole craft break up or explode (EVEN IF you set their Stability Modifier to MAXimum). At the same time the hinges and rotators in SimplePlanes work just fine, parts' joints quite rigidly. So though those wobbly hinges and rotators bring us better physics effects, could a "rigid joint" option be added to make them as STRONG as they are in SP?

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    Dev Pedro

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    2.3 years ago
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    13.6k FalconAero

    @ChaoticGraviton I agree and I think the stability slider should've worked like that but it didn't.

    2.3 years ago
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    I would be fine with this method of fixing the issue, but I'd propose a different approach. Adding a JointStrength modifier may help in more places since it could be changeable for a case-by-case basis for joints on Pistons, Rotators, and Hinges parts.

    +7 2.3 years ago

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