Being able to have a lower torque then 100 for example if you have a small rover and let’s say you landed said small rover on the moon well at only 100 torque I have to use less then 1% throttle

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    Would it be possible to change the gear ratio or torque during flight? When driving up big hills it would be nice to be able to switch gears. Otherwise it’s hard to find a balance of wheels that are not dangerously fast and overpowered on flat ground, but can also make it up steep hills.

    23 days ago
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    You should also be able to make them go really fast for say a racecar

    1.2 years ago
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    38 bspawn

    Even on the home planet, wheels with minimum gear ratio and throttle at lowest setting make a vehicle move dangerously fast. Minimum torque should be at least a factor 10 lower than it currently is.
    Also wheels could do with a bit of internal friction, and a brake toggle would be useful.

    +1 1.3 years ago
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    Maybe a power limiting slider in the inspector for a rover wheel would be helpful.

    +5 1.6 years ago


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