Edit by Pedro: P10 I0 D25 by default in the capsules, the inputs go insane with that derivative.
Original title: Command Capsule Shake/vibration
Capsule shakes and veers off heading when detached from booster segment. Stops shaking and will hold its attitude when heading is unlocked or power is turned off. As soon as heading is locked or is power is turned back on the shaking and veering off heading starts again. It does the same with every capsule. I've restarted the game and my computer. I can recreate it every way I think of. Can't think of what could be causing it.

Bug Planned Found in 0.9.704.0
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    PIDs are resistant to generic default values that "just work". Maybe a table of defaults, or formulaic generation, based on a ratio of available torque and moment of inertia for attitude PIDs? I suppose lift and drag might be taken into account for aero surfaces. But these would still be auto generated ballpark defaults, not to be held to a full PID autotuner standard.
    These would be generated for each axis. I assume each axis has its own PID here. Hope so

    4 months ago
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    Dev Pedro

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