Download the sandbox and activate stage, and then notice the crafts bounce around, they all should weigh about 1500kg, and I didnt edit anything with tinker panel/overload
Suspension strength seems to make this worse, damper as well, it also makes the craft easier to explode if strong enough
After some testing the only thing that “fixed” this was increasing the mass or using the rigid suspension mode, which im guessing is no suspension at all

Quick note: the detachers are there so I can demonstrate all the landing legs in this report, this happens with or without the detachers

Bug Rejected Found in 0.9.905.1
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    in simple terms it’s hard to squeeze all the functions and laws into a computer simulation. no such thing as a 100% accurate physics sim.

    +1 one month ago
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    Dev Pedro

    This is sadly a result of how physics work in unity. Usually the mass that a suspension has to endure is known when making the game, so you can finetune them, but in a game where you make your own crafts, it's impossible to exactly predict the end-use and thus configure it. In such a case you should either use the smallest possible legs with the least possible suspension strength (or the auto mode with a large target compression) or no suspension at all.

    +1 2 months ago

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