Steps to reproduce:
1) New rocket
2) Attach new fuel tank (A) to surface of main fuel tank.
3) Connect new fuel tank (B) above side mounted fuel tank
4) Enable symmetry x 3
5) Remove fuel tank B from top of A
6) Reconnect B to top of A
7) Notice that symmetric side mounted fuel tanks have an open attachment for shell connections, but the original side mounted one does not.

Bug Planned Found in 0.9.703.3
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    390 CASC

    Add new rocket propellant types, for example, dimethyl callose-nitrous oxide. We might be able to make rocket engines and RCS fires more realistic. It would be spectacular. Maybe we can modify more engine parameters. For example, mix ratio, area ratio, ignition frequency, and shutdown time. Everyone has a dream of space flight. I hope you can do better

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