I see Simplerockets as maybe a little too simple?
ironic right?
but the main problem i want to point out is, why land on other planets. execption of being fun.
the problem is theres no true reason to land on other planets but just to sit there.
maybe pop a rover there or a “base” and go back wherever.
but the thing is its useless no reason at all.
thats why i wanted the feature of…
-Mining For fuel!
Mining for fuel may seem unrealistic as there is.. maybe too many fuel types in the game.
but i understand that and i think that this brings us to the next feature….
-Radar dishes.
This is so that we can find the wanted fuel, lets say H20 and you’re going to the moon looking for fuel (H20), you use the telescoped and mark them on the radar dish or GPS.
now may probably or not be asking.
“whadda gonna be doin with all dis goddamn friggin fuel, too much”
launch urself to the sun i guess?
jokes aside i think its a good idea for a reason why going to the moon.
maybe because you want to set up a star base that will allow crafts to ascend even further, so you build a base and a miner with the intent to give the crafts more fuel to launch them into farther space.

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    Dev Pedro

    This post has been merged into this post and this post has been marked as duplicate.

    1.9 years ago
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    2,407 Tarian

    Your post needs to be more specific, maybe try creating 3 seperate posts for each thing you want added, Mining fuel (which has already been suggested so please upvote and comment on existing posts), GPS (which you can already achieve with Vizzy and satellites), and Telescopes (which you can already achieve though the stock cameras and building)

    2.1 years ago
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    do something like mrbeast would do and land several individual rocks that contain fuel, then put docking ports on it, and land your rocket and dock to a nearby rock.

    sounds good?

    2.1 years ago
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    There are telescope-like things on SR2, using mods to set camera FOV to a low value can allow a high zoom. It would be nice to see distant planets though when looking through a telescope instead of only being able too see nearby planets with a camera.

    2.2 years ago

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