I'm trying to create an accurate model of the solar system. I created the sun, each planet, and some dwarf planets. I created a new system, replaced Juno with the Sun I created, added the Mercury I created, adjusted Mercury's orbit details, tried to save the system, but the save fails due to "An error occurred saving the planetary system. Sequence contains no matching element." The first time this happened, I clicked OK and the game crashed, so I verified the game files via Steam, relaunched, took the same steps to begin creating the solar system, and I'm getting the same error. For some reason, the screenshot upload mechanic in this bug report submission window is needlessly convoluted and there doesn't seem to be a way to upload actual screenshots, only images taken using the in-game method, but that doesn't allow you to save an image while a dialog window (such as an error message, cough) is open. So here's a picture of the solar system so far. It's pointless, but my explanation gives all the information anyway. Also, while we're here, it would be nice to be able to switch between degrees and radians in the orbit details, and to manually type the semi-major axis like you can with all the other orbit values, instead of being stuck with a slider.

Bug Submitted Found in 0.9.615.1

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