Entering slow motion results in shifting.
Rapidly switching between slow motion and normal speed may result in rapid unplanned disassembly.
Slower slow motion (high slow-mo speed setting) results in larger difference.

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    Dev Pedro

    This post has been merged with this post.

    2.9 years ago
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    13.7k Vedhaspace

    Yes the simple rover bounces when I put slow mode and spins very fast due to shock

    3.3 years ago
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    235 bspawn

    Possibly related: a craft sitting on the surface has small jittering acceleration and angular motion (both when sitting on landing legs and when sitting on engines) - which is larger in slowmo than normal speed. (in the Planet Studio update)

    3.4 years ago
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    I noticed that when I have a large craft that has landed using the landing legs, the legs behave weird in 1/5 speed. They basically stiffen up and cause the craft to jump.

    4.1 years ago
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    4.8 years ago
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    11.7k KraZIvan

    Rapid unplanned disassembly: everyone's favorite type of disassembly!

    5.1 years ago
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    Might be related to this.

    5.2 years ago
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    Dev Notes: Also dummies can cause strange behavior in slow motion. See the merged post below.

    +1 5.3 years ago
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    This post has been merged with this post.

    5.3 years ago


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