Inside the command chip's program, there is a code used to keep the barrel aligned with the horizon. It uses a variable called TurretPY, however for some reason it does not work despite using the correct formatting. This has been a common occurrence in many of my crafts, and I just hate seeing it happen.
Of course, I could be stupid and missed something but I've triple-checked everything and I haven't found any issues from my side (as I said, maybe I did make a mistake?)

Edit: Definitely format-related, somehow it requires the format to be Command Chip.FlightProgram.VariableName, while some crafts work with CommandChip.FlightProgram.VariableName

Bug Rejected Found in 0.9.906.0
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    15.5k Hylo

    @Pedro Yep, what I meant in the edit was that it somehow isn't always the case.
    Command Chip is the standard name for the command chips but the format works when you use CommandChip instead of Command Chip

    I'll see if I can replicate it for you

    2.3 years ago
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    Dev Pedro

    What goes in there is the name of the part, so it has to match the name of the chip. I'd recommend against using spaces in those names

    2.3 years ago

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