so logically having objects on detachers would cause drag. but something strange happens the more i detach the bombs the more drag i recieve and the more unstable i become and all of a sudden i go from a top speed of MAch 3 to Sub Mach 1 when all the bombs are dropped this happens with missles or anything on detachers giving me the impression its the detachers causing the problems

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    I'm unsure of all of them, but it looks like the stars and stripes in the livery.

    +1 4.1 years ago
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    45.3k MarioG

    @AndrewGarrison which structural panels are you referring to?

    4.1 years ago
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    This appears to be related to your structural panels initially being occluded but then becoming visible to drag calculations after separating the bombs. This wouldn't be as big of an issue, but since you are scaling them down. Note that scaling a structural panel down does not affect how much drag is calculates, so a small panel can cause a large amount of drag. I would suggest disabling drag for your structural panels used for the decorations. I'll leave this bug report open as we do need to address this at some point.

    +1 4.1 years ago


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