Ever since the releases of the 1.0 Beta following release of Career Mode the game made a change to the way your crafts price and mass are displayed and it isn't for the better in my opinion.

Considering how there is now a budget and you have to account for mass and price depending on where you are launching from there needs to be a more accurate display of your crafts price and mass like how early access displayed.

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    @Zenithspeed Yeah full/partial customizability with the designer UI would be a very nice quality of life feature that definitely should be implemented.

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    26.5k Zenithspeed

    in my opinion, they should bring the old bottom-mounted one back, but with a slight difference; in the bottom middle would be the craft's weight, while in the top left would be the base price, and in the top right would be the total launch cost (thus including the launch site cost and multiplier and stuff)
    maybe the ability to rearrange or remove them entirely as well?

    +1 1.4 years ago


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