*apologies in advance for my poor artist skills.

Was hard to describe, so i made a few images to help:

left icon = copy, pops up a numbered menu (8 copy slots)
right icon = paste, pops up the numbered menu to select which slot to paste from

the 8 slots for Position are independent from slots for Rotation, for example.
a super nice bonus would be to include additional independent slots for 2d vectors/data like fuselage width/height in the part shape tool. the length/offsets would be an additional super nice bonus

The copy paste data could be stored as part of the craft XML, and have similar use cases to themes / AGs

Users could note transform slots as key positions in the design as part of their craft post, to facilitate mods to existing craft, ex: "The center for the missile rail left is stored in position copy slot 1"

Suggestion Submitted


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