Note: Running with 'Low' physics preset and a 10x fast forward speed.

Occasionally when clicking warp on the launchpad with SimpleAirways, it will blow up and kick me back to fast forwards mode.

I believe there are two bugs at play here. First, there is instability with the ground contact status of the craft. Occasionally I can warp, sometimes I can't because I'm not in contact with the ground, and sometimes I blow up.

The other bug at play is that the ground contact status is checked prior to entering warp, but warp doesn't get set until the end of the frame. If the 'CanWarp' conditions change after the warp request, the craft can enter warp for a single frame before getting kicked back to fast forward.

In my scenario, I assume its the entering of fast forward that is causing the craft to explode (which is also a bug I suppose). It may be preferable if the player is dropped back to normal speed when falling out of warp mode. This would likely avoid the explosion I was seeing, however it would still be confusing because there would be no warning about not being able to warp. We may want to check warp conditions at the end of the frame prior to entering warp and queue up the failure message to display on the next frame (rather than validate, do other stuff, then execute).

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    An issue with wheel ground contact stability has been fixed in commit 7416f01aae75e5a2727fbe984385401ab931f1fc. When multiple fixed updates were running in a single frame, wheels would not report being in contact with the ground. This should be fixed. The issues with timing of the warp validation/execution still remain however.

    4.4 years ago


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