This is a faily complex booster. But in short how it should work: when SRBs and external fuel tanks are empty they detach themselves. (launch rocket normally vertical at max thrust to see regular operation).

To replicate bug. Lock heading, set throttle to max, activate stage. Wait a little bit (after about 100m above ground) then toggle the time mode, for me, toggling a couple of times between 2x speed and 1/4x speed would cause a premature activation of regular separation events.

The way the separation events are coded: when a designated section of a fuel tank's mass gets below a certain threshold, it will broadcast a message to the craft saying which tank is ready to be separated, then separation motors and insterstages receive the code and activate.

Bug Duplicate Found in 0.9.307.0
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    Dev Pedro

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    1.8 years ago
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    This is happening to me too, but with apparently random joint disconnection (although docking ports, interstages, side-interstages, and fairings are the most common). I am on mobile.

    2.8 years ago
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    It appears the interstage joints are breaking when entering slow motion. I believe the side-interstage <-> strut <-> side-interstage connections are somewhat unstable. It might be more stable if you removed one of the side-interstages in those assemblies connecting the side boosters. You could also try increasing the mass scale of the struts to help improve stability.

    3.0 years ago

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