When you use the self destruct button on an astronaut I think it should say something like "(Name) destroyed. You monster." instead of just "Astronaut destroyed."

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    Maybe “The Holy asymmetrical dimethylhydrazine will punish you for what you committed to space wayfarer” ?

    7 days ago
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    1,010 NoIDontWanna


    14 days ago
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    20.2k pedro16797

    @Tully2001 hahahahahahahahaha

    16 days ago
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    a s t r o n a u t d e s t r o y e d

    yeah it sounds creepy...

    16 days ago
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    Mod Tully2001

    Or randomized messages such as "[insert name] is dead because of you", perhaps even "This poor, innocent soul has left droo over your failure" and maybe "Whoa there buckaroo, what are you doing!?"

    +8 16 days ago


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