Thank you for helping us test Juno: New Origins! Submitting bug reports with a great description really helps us find and squash bugs.


As a tester, the most helpful thing you can do is not just finding a bug. It is finding a way to reliably reproduce a bug. If you can find a set of steps to cause the bug, that helps us tremendously in fixing it. Please, make sure you include those steps in your bug reports.

Please, be patient with us as we work through the bugs. We have several bugs logged internally that we are working through as well.

How to submit a bug report

Bug Reports must be submitted from within the game. When you submit a bug report the game uploads a copy of your sandbox, the game's log file, and your current designer craft. If possible, it's very helpful to submit a bug report before the point of error. For instance, if you notice that your craft always explodes when it reaches 10km in altitude, it is far more helpful if you upload a bug report before it reaches 10km so we can more easily reproduce the issue. If you upload it after the game has already broken, it may be harder for us to recreate the initial conditions that caused the bug. However, if you cannot reliably reproduce the issue then go ahead and submit a bug report and try to be as descriptive as possible.

Open Juno: New Origins and go into the Designer or enter Flight. Open the menu in the upper left and click Report a Bug. Enter your bug title and description and include at least one screenshot.

Please, be as descriptive as possible. A good bug report includes the steps to reproduce the issue. For example, here is a bad bug report:

Bug Title: Crashes
Bug Description: The designer lags and crashes.
Bug Title: Photo Library Dialog remains visible while taking second consecutive photo
Bug Description:
1. Open the Photo Library
2. Click the Take Photo button
3. Take the photo
4. Click the Take Photo button again.
Notice that the Photo Library dialog is still visible, blocking the view.

Thank you for helping us improve Juno: New Origins!