Auto Credit Based on Jundroo's Sergeaa

A desert planet very similar to Droo, albeit no vegetation and no water. Dude to the extremely sluggish rotation of the planet, the heat from Juno hits really hard. In defense from the intense heat, the Droods constructed a large sun shield to protect the planet from the heat. Orbital Mirrors have also been place in low planet orbit to add starlight to the dark side of the planet. Sergeaa has rings due to the terraformation, and there are plans to further terraform the planet using the resources of the rings. Because of the indifferent heating across the planet, there are large, raging storms around the planet. No one knows how the clouds formed, but upon closer examination, there is ice underground. So much so there is liquid water, and the water heats up and evaporates as steam and settles in the troposphere and stratosphere.


  • Predecessor: Sergeaa
  • Created On: Windows
  • Game Version:


  • Radius: 1,036 km
  • Sea Level: None
  • Surface Gravity: 8.0 m/s
  • Rotational Period: 41d 16h
  • Escape Velocity: 4.07 km/s
  • Mass: 1.29E+23kg


  • Height: 121 km
  • Scale Height: 8,724 m
  • Surface Air Density: 1.307 kg/m3
  • Surface Temperature: 336 K



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    "dude to the"
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    So cool- im downloading this-Good work! :)

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    "Pov: Droods are trying to droodform Sergeaa"?

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    ᑭᒪᗩᑎᗴ丅 丅ᕼIᑎǤƳ

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    that one Kurzgesagt In a Nutshell video:

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    T E R R A F O R M A T I O N

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